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A word from Curt:  Friendship

I’ve been thinking about friendship.
Having friends is priceless.
Being a friend is a gift you give yourself.

Of all the maxims my mom pounded into my head, this may be the best.

Proverbs on Friendship

Link to see my current 6+ Words List. 

My goal is living the Wowed Life.
Here is my three-pronged mantra:

1. Stay Curious.
2. Be Amazed.
3. Tell Remarkable Stories.

2.  What I’m watching:

This week I saw the movie,  Hacksaw
.  It’s a gripping WWII drama
about Army medic Desmond Doss
and his heroics doing the Battle of Okinawa.
The violence is graphic, but the story is a
reminder that our freedom is not free, thanks
to our veterans.

DeDe and I are watching the series, “Bluebloods.”
Tom Selleck is hard to beat in this story of a NYC
family in law enforcement.

 What series would you recommend? 

Link to the Creekbank Quotes page.

4.   A current favorite photo

The infamous trash bend
This infamous trash bin sat along La. 394 between
Dry Creek and DeRidder.  Always good for a laugh.

5.  Here are links to this week’s blogs
at the Creekbank.

A Soldier’s Story

6. Upcoming Speaking/Book Events

Grant Christmas Tree Farm:  Nov. 25/26, Dec. 3, Dec. 10
Boyce Library  Fri. Dec. 2
DeRidder Christmas Parade   Sat. Dec. 3
Gloster Baptist Church   Sun. Dec. 4
Nichols in DeQuincy   Sat. Dec. 17

7.  Praying for DeDe and me:

  • I am prayerfully considering a multi-week trip to Africa in 2017. Pray for God’s guidance on time and focus.

  • Pray for grit and clarity as I continue wading through a revision of As the Crow Flies. Scroll down to see how you can help shape the book.

  • Pray for us as we intentionally strive to influence the lives of our eight grandchildren.

  • A large apartment complex is being built next to our church,  The Gathering Place-Wardville. Pray for a passion for reaching our new neighbors.

We need beta readers for As the Crow Flies. It’s simple: you read a chapter(s)and send feedback. Thank you!

9. Book Focus

A Spent Bullet

A Spent Bullet is our historical novel set during the 1941 Louisiana Maneuvers. It is a reader favorite. Learn more here.

If you’ve read A Spent Bullet, please  write a short Amazon review here. 

Trampled Grass
Readers are enjoying our new book, Trampled Grass.  You can easily order your copy here.  We’ll send your autographed book with an invoice.

View all 12 of our book covers.

10. Hotlinks

Recent KALB-TV Interview
Baptist Press on Trampled Grass 
Trampled Grass review/Beauregard Daily News
Wayfaring Stranger: “This should be a movie.”

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Best part of writing books: making new friends.  Sam Welch at Camp.  "Aren't you the man who wrote A Spent Bullet?"  Wow.
Best part of writing books: making new friends. Sam Welch at Camp. “Aren’t you the man who wrote A Spent Bullet?” Wow.

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