Why do we exist? Thoughts on Life Statements

“To bring glory to God…”

“We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples who treasure Christ &carry His name to the ends of the earth.”

This is our church (Dry Creek Baptist) Life Statement.

Scribblings from the home page of Journal #56, my current journal. I highly recommend keeping a Life Journal.

A life statement is simply a declaration of what you’re about… where you stand… why you exist.

It says,  “I’ve driven a stake in the ground and this is where I stand.”

A life statement helps us stay focused on what’s really important.

As “Curly” said in “City Slickers”,  “Boys, there’s just one thing that matters.”

Our Life Statement is a visible expression of that “one thing.”

My personal Life Statement is “I want to be a man God can use and be respected by wife, sons, and their families– especially my six grandchildren.”

As we say in the Piney Woods,  “Nuff Said.”


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