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Four translators, four heart languages
Four translators, four heart languages

A Real Southern Gospel Quartet


Flash prayer need: A team from our Louisiana home church will be working among the Kakwa during the next two weeks. Pray for Aaron, Todd, and Garrett as well as our church leaders in Uganda and South Sudan.

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Nothing connects with a person quite like the truth in their heart language.

I’d never seen anything like it. It was just like the Book of Acts.


The service was in full swing African mode when we were ushered into the thatched roof-open sided church service.


There was a radiant joy in the worship in spite of most of the worshippers being refugees Faith Baptist Church in Nimule, South Sudan.


The singing ended and a young pastor began preaching in a language I didn’t know.

After several sentences, he stopped.


Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.02.55 PM








A lady to his right translated. It had the throaty sound of Arabic.

She finished and a man on the far right began.

I still didn’t have a clue.


A fourth person, a young church leader, spoke something I could understand: English.


This quadriphonic sermon continued as the pastor started the next round.


later learned he was preaching in Madi, the local language.


The woman on his right was translating into Arabic, the Lingua Franca or trade language of much of South Sudan.


The third person was speaking Murle, the language of most of the refugees present.


Madi. Arabic. Murle. English.


Listeners were hearing the Gospel in their mother tongue. Once again, nothing connects with a person quite like truth in their heart language.




Pastor Tolbert of Faith Baptist with his son


The sermon in four languages went on (and on). I always remind my American preacher friends, “Remember that using a translator doubles the length of your sermon.”


In this case, it’s times 4x.   4 times longer.


Madi, then Arabic, Murle, and finally English.

Spoken by four South Sudanese.

The Gospel in four languages.


A real Southern Gospel Quartet.

The best kind of all.


Africans are hungry for the Word of God
Africans are hungry for the Word of God













You can read an extended version of this story (with videos of both Southern Gospel Quarter and African swing) in Trampled Grass, our new ebook. Learn more at www.creekbank.net




Prayer requests for Curt and DeDe:

  • Dry Creek Baptist Church trip to Kakwa in South Sudan and Uganda beginning October 22, 2014
  • Churches to engage Unreached Unengaged People Groups
  • Accurate research of Unreached People Groups
  • Discipling members of Bible study groups
  • God’s blessings on the E-Book entitled Trampled Grass by Curt (A Lottie Moon awareness book released this week.0
  • Thanksgiving for good health
  • Thanksgiving for encouraging cluster meeting


  1. We continue to hold you up in our prayers both privately and in our church services too.

    • Thank Marica.

      It means the world to hear from you. Keep lifting us up. Would you be willing to help us spread the word in North Carolina and South Carolina about Trampled Grass? Thanks!

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