“The Word” Ch 36 from Trampled Grass




The village leader met us at our vehicle. He gripped my hand. “I know you have good news for us.”

He was right. We had the best news of all: the Gospel of Jesus Christ that brings hope and forgiveness.

Later, we were at an isolated refugee camp. The physical needs were obvious.

“What do you need most?”

The camp chairman looked around. “Lots of things, but most of all we need God’s Word.”

Then he added, “We need your people praying for us.”

At another isolated camp, we were asked, “What do you have for us?”

I learned early on to be honest. “We don’t have food or supplies. All we have to offer is prayer and God’s word.”

Two younger men snorted in disgust and stomped off. An older leader said, “Ignore them. We need plenty of prayer and Bibles.”


Hearing the Gospel in one’s heart                                                                                                           language is captivating .

People need shelter from the weather. Families cannot survive without food.

As we shared earlier, water is life. In conjunction with Baptist Global Resource (http://www.gobgr.org), we’ve helped provide seven boreholes in the Camps.

However, to only provide these tangible things and neglect the needs of the soul is short-sighted.

People need hope.

A reason to get up and go on.

I’m proud of our mission to provide prayer, Bibles in all kinds of media, and the starting of preaching points.

Preaching points that can grow into fledging churches.


                                                                                     Rough pews Chadan’s reason for existence is to                                                                                                                                                                           see churches planted among the least reached.

Churches that will follow these refugees when and if they return to South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Here are ways you can be involved in getting God’s word into the hands and hearts of the least reached.


The Chronological Story Cloth was developed by Dr. Bob Calvert.


The Bible Story Cloth has been an effective tool among oral learners.


         The Mega voice audio Story Teller.

We recently met Pastor Thomas, an UpCountry Langi pastor. He is a trueman of God with a heart-rending story. Read his unforgettable story


Pastor Thomas with his Storyteller.



The Word of God has the power to change lives.

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