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When Two Fools Meet

                      A Word from Curt

Louisiana saying:  “Son, there’s two things you should never sell: a dog or a gun. You’ll regret it later.”


Stories. I’m calling this one, “When Two Fools Meet.”

Stories. I love them.

Everywhere I go, folks tell me their stories. I simply pass them on. Here is this week’s favorite from my son Clint:

The story concerns a prized squirrel hunting dog.

Evidently, a very good one. It’s considered the best in the area, if not the entire state.

So good that a man drove across the state and offered the owner $5000 cash to buy the dog.

The squirrel dog owner politely refused.

The elderly father of the dog owner shook his head,  “It’s an amazing moment when two fools meet. One, a man that would pay $5000 for a dog, and two, a man that wouldn’t sell for that price.”

Stories like this are why I love Pineywoods Louisiana.  Some folks might not understand the joy of hunting squirrels with a gifted treeing dog or frown at even eating a squirrel, but I understand all about the story.  It’s because some things are priceless.

It’s a story of priceless things in the rural area I call home.

Where we value things a little different than folks in Houston or California.

May it always be so.


Ivory, the best dog I ever had. A gifted retriever but so much more than just a hunting dog.  Would I have sold her for $5000?  No way. Some things are priceless.


I’m busy speaking and sharing stories from all of my books, especially our latest novel, As the Crow Flies. Here are upcoming dates:

  • Saturday, Nov. 4 10:00 am Bayou Writers Lake Charles   Carnegie Library
  • Thursday, Nov 9 7:00 pm   Vernon Parish Library
  • Saturday,  Nov. 11   11-1 pm The Steamer Trunk  Jennings
  • Thur. Nov. 16  5:45  Order of the Daedalians   Alexandria
  • Grant Christmas Tree Farm  Nov. 24, 25, Dec. 2, Dec. 9
  • Saturday, Dec. 16  Nichol’s DeQuincy AM/Thrifty Way DeRidder PM
  • Join us if we’re in your area.


K-k-k-k-k-k Katmandu*
I think that’s really where I’m going to
If I ever get out of here
I’m going to Katmandu.

  • This is really a prayer request. My daughter in law, Amanda, is in Katmandu, Nepal for a mission trip. A group from her church, Calvary Baptist in Alexandria, are doing missions in this Himalayan and primarily Hindu country. Pray for Amanda and the entire team.
  • I also have an answer to prayer: I’m slowly but surely coming out of the recent dark time of my life with depression. I’m so thankful for your prayers and concern. I’ve living gratefully and regaining that joy that depression robs.  Pray that I’ll be open through my words and writing to help others suffering.
  • Two of my closest friends continue their journey through cancer, Rhedia Skiles and Frank Bogard.  Pray for healing and comfort.
  • Pray for DeDe and I as we continue our current priority assignment of influencing our grandchildren. It’s why we live in Alexandria.

*The word “Katmandu” has always been one of my favorite words (and songs.)  The lyrics above come from Bob Seger. Take a look at a classic You Tube of Bob rocking out on it. The “k-k-k-k-k-k-k Katmandu” is one of my favorite song lines.

What’s your favorite song with a city/town/village as the title?


A Surprise:  As the Crow Flies is a Coming of Age story that YA (Young Adult) readers are loving.

Yesterday, a teen shoved the book into my hand. “I read the back cover and I’ve got to have it.”

To be honest, most of my readers are older women, but it seems this book is connecting with middle school and high school readers.

I’d be so honored if you’d purchase a copy for a young reader in your life.  They’ll fall in love with Missouri Cotton and her story of perseverance and personal growth.


Back cover of As the Crow Flies.

Order your copies here. 


One of the best parts of writing is friends both old and new.


Faithful reader Marjorie Schmidt of Broadlands Community
Two of my most faithful readers and encouragers, Ralph and Nancy Thompson.






Lifelong friend Brent Cating and Curt at the SW Libraries Supper.



Well, that’s it for this edition. Squirrel dogs. Katmandu and Bob Seger. Friends and Readers.

Stay tuned this week for posts containing free giveaways, great discounts, large print and ebook editions of As the Crow Flies, and a deal on Christmas Jelly ($5 each) for stocking stuffers that is too good to pass up.

Also, I’ve got a small pile of good stories stored up (like the squirrel dog) I want to share.

Go Astros!

Curt Iles


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