L.T.W.B.T.U.F.I. Leave this world . . .

Leaving this World Better . . .


Leave this world better than you found it!

It’s a good motto to live by.
Whatever we touch. Wherever we go, we ought to leave it better.

I’ve always loved camping and hiking. Part of the joy is in setting up camp along a bubbling mountainside creek or under the tall pines of the forest.

In breaking camp, I always like to inspect the place and think of how no one will ever know a human has stayed here after the next rain.

Many times at popular campsites, you’ll find trash in the fire pit or other signs of thoughtless humans who’ve passed. Often I’ll load up their trash and carry it out.

It’s just a matter of respect.
A matter of stewardship.
Leaving this world better than we got it.

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