Deep Roots in the Piney Woods

It was a special moment standing with my grandson Jack.  We’d walked a long ways into Kistachie National Forest to find this small cemetery.

I’d been told about this graveyard by two friends,  Frank Bogard and Harlis Bass.  It was not easy to find but worth the effort.  The photo below shows Jack Iles standing at the grave of his great great great great great grandfather’s first cousin.

Grave of Civil War vet Demcy Iles  Kisatchie Nat'l Forest  La.
Grave of Civil War vet Demcy Iles Kisatchie Nat'l Forest La.

This is the grave of Demcy Iles, a confederate veteran, born in 1821 who died in 1896.  He would be the first cousin of my great-great-great grandfather, also named Demcy Iles (Jr.)

There are only three marked graves in the fence-enclosed area: Demcy, his wife Martha who died in 1869 and a 20th century grave of Keener Iles.  There is a small wooden marker within the area.

The cemetery sits atop the tallest hill (elevation 222 feet) in Kisatchie National Forest NW of Woodworth, LA .  For any outdoormen/women who’d like visit, I can supply GPS coordinates if you email me at

I was reminded of how good it is to have deep roots in the piney woods of western Louisiana.

I’m thankful for heritage and family.


  1. Stumbled across the cemetery today and figured you might be related. Beautiful spot.

    • David, That is a beautiful spot. Dempsey Iles is an old family name. The grave you saw belonged to a cousin of my great great grandfather!

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