Getting ready to teach on Tuesday. Here’s how to pray!

Ethiopian Plowing


I began teaching at Uganda Baptist Seminary Today on Tuesday, Sept. 11. (We’re 8 hours ahead of CDT).

It’s been a rough, tough, adventurous journey to get here, but I’m ready to do what I came to do: teach the Book of Acts and Paul’s Letters to an eager group of pastors who traveled from all over East Africa to grow and learn.

Pray for:

  1. Clarity in my speaking and English. That’ll I’ll keep it simple and Scripture-centered.
  2. Open ears and hearts from the students.
  3. That’ll I’ll invest in their lives as I teach.
  4. That I’ll get proper rest. I’m still fighting jet lag and exhaustion. (I’m writing this wide awake at 2 am!)

I close with a story: William Tyndale, the great translator of the Bible into English was told by a church Bishop to stop his work. “The Bible we have (Latin and Greek) is all we need, and it’s against the law to put the Bible into common English.”

Tyndale, who was martyred in 1536 for his English translation,  told the Bishop, “If God lets me live, I’ll produce a Bible where the common English ploughboy will know more of the scriptures than you.”

Tyndale paid with his life. His dying words were, “Lord, open the eyes of the King of England.”

That prayer was answered in 1611 when King James assembled scholars to produce an official English Bible. They drew heavily from Tyndale’s translation.  We know it as the King James Version (KJV).

As I teach rural pastors today, many of who still push the plow in their cassava and maize fields, I want to teach the Word faithfully. Pray for them as they return in six weeks to churches and villages to teach the Word to other ploughboys (and ploughgirls).

What a privilege.

Pray for us!


Curt holding Miracle Mugisha, daughter of my Entebbe friends Andrew and Esther. She called me “Ja Ja” which is Paw Paw in Lugandan.

As I have internet, I’ll be posting at Facebook and Twitter (@curtiles).


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