A Great Offer + A funny story: “The Shortest Bus Run”

At the Dentist Office with Ellen (left) and Laken. I’m the dark one. I’m thrilled at how young people (especially females) are falling in love with Missouri Cotton in ‘As the Crow Flies.’


A word from Curt

We have a special offer for you to own the three-book Westport Trilogy. It follows Joe and Eliza Moore through The Wayfaring Stranger, A Good Place, and the final book, As the Crow Flies.

Each book is a standalone novel but they are best read in order.  This week, you can get all three books for $35.00 plus $5 shipping. Order The Westport Trilogy here.

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We believe that every journey has a story, and every story involves a journey.

The Shortest Bus Run in America.

Here’s this week’s best story. Last week at Dry Creek Camp, Pastor Jeremy McCrory won a set of the Westport Trilogy. As we visited, he related a funny story. I’m calling it The Shortest Bus Run.

Jeremy’s church, First Baptist of Pitkin, sets across Highway 463 from Pitkin High School, a fine K-12 school.

Highway 463 is the road that separates the church (and pastor’s parsonage) from the school. This highway is one of my favorite roads to drive. It is known by numerous names including The Firing Range Road (Fort Polk’s training area is on the highway’s west side) and the Curvy Road.  I was once told there are 31 curves on this 17-mile road that connects Pitkin and Hineston.

Highway 463 runs through the heart of Kisatchie National Forest, and it’s common to see more deer or turkeys than vehicles. There are red-cockaded woodpecker colonies and sometimes Fort Polk’s wild horse herd roams the area.

Now back to Pastor Jeremy’s story: his two boys attend Pitkin School which is directly across the street/highway from the church parsonage. Evidently, there is a Louisiana (or Vernon Parish) Law that prohibits pedestrian students from crossing a state highway on their way to school.

So each morning the McCrory brothers wait at the west edge of the pavement, get on their bus, which then turns directly into the Pitkin School bus lot and unloads.

The same short bus, in reverse order, occurs again each afternoon.

The Guinness Book of World Records might disagree, but I bet it’s the shortest bus ride in America.

Only in Pitkin, Louisiana.

Only in America.

Google Earth of downtown Pitkin, LA.



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You can order all three books in the Trilogy for $35.00 plus $5 shipping. We’ll personally autograph as Christmas presents as requested.

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Living Gratefully

As I recover my health from a time of depression, my heart is so full of gratitude. I’m grateful and thankful for the privilege or writing and creating and touching the world through the written and spoken word.  Thanks for choosing to be part of our Creekbank Tribe.

Curt Iles

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