How you can be in South Sudan . . . but stay in America

DeDe, Fred, and Idi with Story Cloth
DeDe, Frank, and Idi with Story Cloth

A word from Curt:

My wife DeDe is a passionate concise writer.

She’s also a prayer warrior.  If you need someone praying for you, get DeDe on your list.

She serves as Prayer Advocate for our Chadan Cluster.  The post below is from DeDe’s heart. Please prayerfully consider taking on a group, camp, or leaders.


Important Prayer Requests for South Sudan


“You seem so at peace with all that you have been through in your life.  Your smile is contagious.  On your Facebook page you list your first name as Happy. How did you come to know the love of Jesus?”

This is the question that I asked my neighbor who began her life in a country that is closed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She then fled war as a child and moved to refugee camps where life continued to be difficult on every level.

The answer to this question is long.  In fact after several long visits we have not come to the conclusion.  But one part of this story has been on my mind for the past week.  “I saw a vision of Jesus,” answered my friend.

I was even more interested.  Many times I had prayed for people to have a vision that would lead to faith.  My friend continued,  “In my vision, I saw the most humble man praying for me.  And then I saw Him praying for people all over the world.  And they were coming to Him.”


As I have been preparing to request your prayer support for the people of South Sudan, I wanted to put a face on the request; something that would draw your heart toward these people.

But His face, the face of Jesus, is all that I can see.

The Chadan Engagement Team is asking for widespread focused prayer at this time.  Bob and Nancy Calvert, who as career missionaries have served in Africa for over twenty years, lead our team.   Curt and I have joined them to work in the countries of South Sudan and the southern part of Chad.

One of our main thrust is to connect American churches with unreached people groups in this area.

As you may know the violence and chaos in much of South Sudan is continuing with no relief in sight. Thousands have left their homes seeking refuge in camps in Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.  Over the past few months the Chadan Engagement team has visited these camps in North Uganda.

Over the next four days we will post specific prayer needs for the Camps.

These requests differ.  Some are for unreached people groups in specific camps; some are for the vulnerable people who suffer there, and some are for the people who serve the camps.

We are asking that you choose within your church, Bible study class, prayer group, or family to commit to pray for one on these groups for the remainder of this year.

Please email me at if you would commit to pray for one of these requests.  By having your contact name and email address I can give you updates to these requests as they come available.

You can join hands with prayer for the South Sudan.  Photo: Coy Webb of Kentucky and Abrahim Kiir of Bor, SS.
You can join hands with prayer for the South Sudanese.
Photo: Coy Webb of Kentucky and Abrahim Kiir of Bor, SS.  Ulua 1 Camp Uganda


Please pray for the following every time you meet:


  • Pray for wisdom in responding to the spiritual and humanitarian needs of the South Sudanese refugees who have fled their homes and are now living in IDP camps in South Sudan or Refugee Camps in Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.
  • Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would call out and thrust forth more workers into the South Sudanese field.  As of now, the number of personnel assigned to the Chadan Cluster is just too few to enable them to lead in a widespread response.
  • Pray that the Lord would show the IMB personnel assigned to work with South Sudanese people how they can partner with national believers and gospel workers serving with other organizations/NGOs, so that through their cooperative efforts more might be done, and done effectively and in a timely manner.


Thank you,

DeDe Iles  

Cluster Prayer Advocate


Dr. R.L. Calvert, IMB Engagement Chadan Team Leader

Nancy Calvert

Curt Iles

DeDe Iles


Facebook:  A Nile Apartcurtiles


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