Is Ingratitude a sin?


Western Louisiana is crisscrossed with beautiful creeks and rivers.

This is Cherry Winche Creek that winds through SW Rapides and Allen Parishes.

Thoughts on the Gratitude-Filled Life

I’ve been convicted that “A poor memory is the root of the sin of ingratitude.”

We forget the limitless blessings we have from God.
I want to live the Gratitude-Filled Life beginning with my thankfulness to God, for DeDe, and the privilege of our thirty-six years  together.
Ingratitude.  I see it in Numbers 13-14 where the Children of Israel lost faith when they forgot the promises and prior providence of God.

All of the miracles they’d seen in Egypt and beyond were washed away in an attitude and unbelief.

They were ungrateful and it was (and is) a sin.

Was then.

Still is.



I want to celebrate each day with an attitude of thanksgiving.

All the month and then beyond.

Why don’t you join us.

The gratitude-filled life is the happiest life.

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