The Journey Continues


Looking at a beautful full moon over Africa.  It’ll be over Louisiana in about eight hours.

It’s amazing about the distance across this vast earth.



The red dirt of Africa.
The red dirt of Africa.

26 January  2013

That’s how they write dates overseas. Takes a while to get used to.

Today’s disclaimer/read fast: I write about the good sides of Africa, and there’s plenty of that. However, please don’t look through my blog with rose-colored glasses. Everyday I see poverty you’d never believe, a country on a powderkeg (Kenya) with an election looming next month.  Beggars at every corner. All with a story.  Taking your life into your hands on Kenyan roads. No rules. Just right.  Language barrier.  even larger culture barrier.  Folks misunderstanding why you’re here.  AIDs. Malaria. Don’t drink the water. It’s all there.

It’s Africa. And it’s wonderful.

But don’t let me forget. It’s Africa.


We’ve been walking a great deal this week. 7800 feet of elevation takes a while to adjust to. We’re in class all morning learning KwiSwahili (“Language of Swahili.”) It’s been quite an experience.

In the afternoons, we hit the road and practice our Swahili (much to the enjoyment of our neighbors and those we encounter.)

I met "Bob the Builder" at church last week. "Can we do it, yes we can!"
I met “Bob the Builder” at church last week. “Can we do it, yes we can!”

c_thumbBigTrees2Africa _thumbMzunguShirtMikeHatley _thumbCurtsleepingairport

Forest near our home          The famous Dry Creek Muzungo shirts    Curt sleeping at an airport

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