The Tribe: Holding the Rope. You can do it!


When you pray, you’re holding the rope.

When you pray for our work in Chadan region, you’re not only holding the rope but become part of what God is doing here.

Put another way, when you pray you become part of our tribe of reaching the least reached.

Thanks for being part of the Creekbank/Chadan tribe.

Thanks for holding the rope.

Here are this week’s prayer needs.  Please clip and share with your church family.

1.  The situation in South Sudan.  The country continues to deteriorate due to the war, lack of fuel, and famine.  Hundreds of thousands are displaced both in SS and across its borders.  This is a spiritual battle and only prayer and the power of God can change the situation.

Will you ask God for a miracle in South Sudan?

2.   Upcoming South Sudan trip:  Our current cluster leader,  Kevin Rodgers and his son Justin, are coming to “groundtruth” how things are in SS as well as the IDP/Refugee Camps.  Pray for the pastors and leaders we will work with beginning with our Baptist Convention Leader, Edward Dima.

Pray that I’ll have complete healing from my gut problems and be able to lead this trip.


Pastor Edward Dima leads our Baptist Convention of South Sudan.
Pastor Edward Dima leads our Baptist Convention of South Sudan.

3.  I’ve had a relapse of my African bug. I’m turning the corner but need a reserve of rest, good food and energy before traveling again.  This is in God’s hands and pray for wisdom.

4. Pray for DeDe.  She has taken such good care of me and is naturally worried.

5.  Pray for our team in Kuajok, South Sudan:  Robert and Maridath Lane,  JD Hull, and Selvin and Laurel Jeremiadoss.  These families are serving in a demanding and difficult location.

Pray fervently.

Pray often.

Pray believing.

Finishing Strong,

Curt and DeDe Iles








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