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Thursday, June 28

It’s a mockingbird morning.

The mockingbird that rules our front yard is a providing a free concert in the (slightly) cooler Louisiana morning.

I sit, cup of coffee and Bible, for my quiet time.  In spite of the racket of his 5 note-7 song repertoire, I enjoy my time “alone”:  God, me, and a mockingbird.

Northern Mockingbird

I’ve always found it ironic that this most Southern of birds is named the Northern Mockingbird.

Their range is in the southern U.S.

Anyone who’s ever heard one will agree it’s got a distinctly Southern accent. I believe I heard my front yard bird saying “y’all” followed by “sweet tea” five times in succession.

That brings me to a favorite topic:  Southern pride.

I’m sure folks in all corners of the U.S. have a specific love for their region.  But there’s nothing quite like the deep love of the Deep South.  I rest my case on this:  Is there any other region that can boast of more songs pining for home?

Life in the Deep South isn’t easy.  Conditions are never perfect. Folks in other regions make fun of us, our speech, and ways.

But like my Southern front yard mockingbird, this is my home.

Maybe because I’m planning on leaving this South soon*  I find I’m viewing it through a new lens.

The idea of leaving the land of pine trees, BBQ, howdy-do’s, watermelons, honeysuckle, cypress swamps, and the friendliest people this side of heaven, sobers me.

But not all who wander are lost.

I’m sure of that.

I know I’ll miss all things Deep South.

I wonder if there’ll be mockingbirds where I’m wandering to?

*  DeDe and I are on a journey.  We feel led toward an extended (2-3 years) overseas assignment.  Our heart is to connect with an unreached people group that has never heard the gospel, building relationships, and the opportunity to share about Jesus.

We have placed our home for sale and are making plans to leave the U.S. in early 2013.  Your prayer and support would mean the world to us.  We’ll be sharing our journey with you in the days ahead.   You can keep track at as well as our Twitter and Facebook links.

This is a very personal decision.  We are simply following where we feel God leading.

We believe our lives should be obedient to God’s direction.  For our 33 years of marriage, He has placed us and used us right here in SW La.  Now we feel led on a new journey.

It’s exciting.

It’s frightening.

It’s what we must do.







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