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1882 Calendar. Is it important to know the phases of the moon for January 1882?
1882 Calendar. Is it important to know the phases of the moon for January 1882?

A word from Curt

I’m living in 1881 and 1882 today.

I’m right at 92,000 words on As the Crow Flies.  My goal is to have 100,000 words by the week’s end.

In the second draft, we’ll begin cutting down on words.  My goal is the book to weigh in at about 75,000 words in its final form.

What I’m finishing this week is the first draft.

And let me assure you:  it’s bad.

Don’t worry. It will (hopefully) be a readable book.

And in writing, less is always more.  The hardest thing in writing for me is cutting pages, scenes, characters.

It’s like hoeing young corn.  To have the best crop, you must thin.


After about the fifth and final draft.

But the first draft will always be bad.  You’re putting words on the easel. Knowing full well that you’ll be changing chapters, the names of characters, etc.

To answer my question above: Is it important to know what phase of the moon it was on January 1, 1882.

In historical fiction, it’s important to know every detail that will make the story come alive.


The Louisiana Democrat was Alexandria's most popular newspaper in 1881.
The Louisiana Democrat was Alexandria’s most popular newspaper in 1881.

I’m reading the “Louisiana Democrat” on the Library of Congress website.

the Internet is an amazing thing for research.


I’ll be adding tidbits today and this week as we write.

We’re grateful for so many of you who visit our blog daily.

You’re always welcome at The Creek!

Curt Iles

Curt Leaning Against Fireplace at Old House
Curt Iles at The Old House. Dry Creek, Louisiana


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