You’ve got a problem; we’ve got a problem. I have a solution

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Uncle Sam and Christmas Jelly

are reader favorites and make great stocking stuffers.


You have a problem:  hard to buy for Christmas gifts.

We have a problem:  Stacks of Christmas Jelly and Uncle Sam.

I have the solution: a $5 per book Christmas sale.

We published two of our thirteen books when an author was forced to print large quantities to get their books at a reasonable price.

We have boxes (literally) of two of these reader favorites:

Christmas Jelly– our Holiday short story collection with dozens of positive stories and recipes.

Uncle Sam: a Horse’s Tale– our illustrated children’s book telling about the origin of the famous Ft. Polk wild horse herd.

Rather than have them sit lonely in our book storage room, we want to move them into the hands of readers. So we’re selling these two autographed books for $5 per book plus $5 shipping per order.

Per your request, we’ll personally autograph and stamp each book and send them your way.

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For more information or to request personal autographs, contact us at

Merry Christmas from Curt and The Creekbank Clan.

Autographed books are great gifts.

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