Honduras: The Dump

I left my heart at the Tegucigalpha Dump

These two pictures are from the city dump outside Honduras’ capital city of Tegucigalpha.
Over 300 adults and children live among the dump eking out a living from digging in the trash.

Shown above are the crude lean to shacks built by the dump-dwellers. As buzzards circle, people scrounge and fight over the unloaded garbage and refuse.

One of the churches we worked with, Derimasa Baptist Church, wants to serve meals and minister to the folks who live at the dump. They say they could feed the residents weekly for 600-700 limperes per week. (This is about $30-40 US dollars.) One of the pastors told us, “You can talk about Jesus to people who have a full belly. If they’re hungry, they won’t listen.”

We are very interested in partnering with this church to minister to the hurting people who live at the dump.

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  1. Thank you, Curt, for sharing your heart with us. We forget how blessed we are until we are reminded of the atrocities so many people suffer daily.

    This will be shared with my prayer partners and family.

    I'm sorry I did not get to meet Billy on this earth, but someday when we see Jesus, we'll meet.

    Many blessings to you and the work you are doing…David & I have thought of you often since we met at the Writers' Conference in Alexandria. We will ask the Lord if there is any way He wants us to help, other than prayer, Do keep up the writing and other mission projects, and sharing them with others.

    Barbara Cruse (bobtravis35@yahoo.com)

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