Goma, DRC Africa

Green Lake, a volcanic lake near Goma, Congo. Eastern Congo is located in a branch of the Great African Rift valley. Because of this, Goma is surrounded by five active volcanoes.

With one of the churches we visited in the foreground, Mt. Nyiragongo lets off steam.

African stories and faces
The walls of African churches are simple.
The worship taking place within these walls is touching.
Often they have so little, but the way they worship is worthy of a big God.

The inside of the churches are dark,
but the drumbeat, singing, and joy light up the room.

The family of Pastor Habimana Athanase. Reggie Burnaman and Bill Calloway are shown after we enjoyed a wonderful African meal with this gracious family.

Pastor Habimana has faithfully shared the gospel for twenty-five years in Goma, Congo and the surrounding mountainous area. There are now over eighty churches in his fellowship.

Being with he and his family was one of the highlights of our trip.

Coming tomorrow: The beauty– and tragedy– of Rwanda

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  1. Thanks Curt To me that was a reply to an email. Having seen those very trees and planting many stands like them I can appresiate that. Asside from being a born again Christian I (as you know) am a recovering Alcoholic an can sertainly appreshiate that story.
    ( and you can see I failed Miss. Andrews Spelling class)

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