“Don’t do it Wolverine!”

Hugh Jackman in “Australia”
“Don’t do it, Wolverine.”

In November, I was listening to a NPR interview with actor Hugh Jackman.

Now I’m not very hip and haven’t seen Jackman in his “X-Men’s” role as Wolverine, the superhero.

However, I did enjoy the character he played in the recent, “Australia.”

In the above mentioned NPR story, Jackman told of playing a gay character in an off-Broadway play. In one scene, just as he embraces and leans in to kiss another man, a leather-lunged audience member yelled out, “Don’t do it, Wolverine.”

It brought the house down.
And stopped the show.

“Wolverine” with co-star Halle Berry

“Don’t do it, Wolverine!”

I have a Facebook-related story that shows how out of touch a person my age can be.

When I signed up for Facebook last year, I carefully completed all of the bio and checked items for the profile.

After I’d been part of Facebook for a few months and so proud of being a “high tech redneck”, I got a phone call from my daughter-in-law Amanda. The conversation went something like this:

“Bro. Curt, I visited your Facebook page and enjoyed it. (Snicker)”

“I’m glad, Amanda.”

“But you do have a little problem.”

“Like what?”

“When you answered the question on ‘Are you interested in…. ‘ you checked “Men.”

I stammered. “Well, it had men or women. I’ve been faithfully married to DeDe for nearly thirty years, so I’m not looking for another woman.”

“But when you checked men, you…”

I didn’t let her finish. “But Amanda, I’ve always liked gathering good male friends…”

“But Bro. Curt, you don’t understand.”

And I didn’t until she made it clear about ‘my choice.’

I hung up the phone, went to my profile and changed it pronto.
I had no idea you could leave “I am interested in” blank.

All I can say is this, “Don’t do it, Wolverine.”

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