"We Sang ‘Til The Cows Came Home"

“We sang ’til the cows came home.”

I can’t recall a better time than what we had at last Saturday’s “Clayton Iles Singing.” I’ve posted photos below and links to YouTube videos (of some of the performances).

Be sure to visit You Tube to see Vance and Tim “get down” on Dueling Guitars.

No one can tickle the ivories quite like my Aunt Margie Nell. For a sample of her playing “Tara’s Theme” and “Ashoken Farewell” click here.

To hear another Iles pianist, click here.
My sister Colleen Glaser plays a stirring rendition of the songs our dad was best known for: “Wayfaring Stranger”/ “The Ninety and Nine”/”I will Arise and go to Jesus”/ and “Stand by Me.’

Aunt Margie cut her teeth playing at family singings. Here she is circa 1950 playing with her father, Lloyd Iles and great grandmother Theodosia Wagnon Iles.

Florence Campbell sings and plays in her beautiful original style. Flo and her husband Tom have been close friends our family for a lifetime.
To see her son Jody (my brother-in-law) playing “I’m Proud to be an American on YouTube, click here.

One of the highlights of the singing was Tim Campbell’s original composition, “Clayton Iles.” To hear it on You Tube, click here.

Dry Creek’s musical Campbell Family is a local treasure. Tim Campbell and his son Timothy play a touching guitar version of The Beatles’ “Blackbird.” Click here to view it.

Kimilee Taylor sings “The Wayfaring Stranger” as her grandfather Julian Campbell plays. To view it on You Tube, click here.

Music is such a gift and playing music together builds lifetime relationships that only become fonder as the years roll on.

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