Thoughts On Being Spiritually Dry

Thoughts on being spiritually dry.

I’m part of a wonderful writers group called “Ripplers.” Our founder and mentor is Houston-area novelist Diann Mills. Our question for the day came from Diann, “What do you do when you’re spiritually dry?”

Here is my short list.

I guess because I’ve been spiritually dry plenty of times, I have a good list.

-Take a walk with DeDe.

-Go to the Appalachian Trail.

-Be with uplifting friends and family.

-Rest. Many times my spiritual dryness is the result of lack of rest. There are two quotes I’ve heard:
“Sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is go take a nap.” -Bill Britt

“Patience is one of the fruits of the spirit. It’s also one of the fruits of rest.”

-Write prayers and thoughts in my journal.

-Be with my grandsons.

Resting in Him,


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