3 People Groups you must know about


Chadan is an IMB cluster focusing on the over 100 Unreached and Unengaged People Groups of South Sudan and southern Chad.

Here are three people groups you can pray for:

The Majara Road


The Meera live in the semi-desert Majara region of Chad.

The Meera* of Chad presently have no believers. Their strategic crossroads town is 100% Muslim.

They have newly paved roads in town but mainly donkey carts and motorcycles using them.

They have new solar-powered street lights but no knowledge of The Light of the World.

But this is changing.

A pastor and his family from a nearby people group is seeking to start a church.

A young American is working with the Meera to formulate an alphabet and written language. This may lead to God’s Word in their heart language.

You can be involved:

Pray for the Meera

Come on a Vision Trip.*


Kakuma Refugee Camp
Kakuma Refugee Camp



Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya


The Nuer are the second-largest people tribe in the world’s newest country, South Sudan. The current civil war, now in its second year, has scattered the Nuer into neighboring countries.


The largest concentration of Nuer are found at Kakuma Camp, a sprawling refugee camp in northern Kenya. Nuer Baptist pastors, many converted while teen refugees at Kakuma, are working hard at starting new churches and discipling believers.


You can be involved by:

Choosing to pray for fledgling churches at Kakuma.

Making a Vision Trip* to see the challenges and opportunities at Kakuma Camp.




New borehole for Dinka Bor refugees.


The Dinka Bor call South Sudan’s Jonglei Province home. This volatile area has a history of being dangerous for missionaries to visit or live.

The current civil war has driven tens of thousands of Dinka Bor to a region of northern Uganda refugee camps, collectively called Adjumani. This area can safely accommodate Vision Trip teams.

Baptist leaders from the local Madi tribe as well as other groups have ministered to the refugees. There is Gospel fruit among these who’ve lost everything but are finding the secret to Eternal Life.

Churches are being planted, water wells (through Baptist Global Response) have been drilled, and lives are being changed by the Gospel.

How you can be involved:

Pray for the Dinka Bor.

Make a Vision Trip* to see for yourself.

Come drink water out of the new boreholes at Ulua Camp.




  • A Vision Trip is the process of a church, after attending a US Base Camp, sending a small survey team to see an area, people, or camp. Members of Chadan’s IMB Engagement Team are trained (and ready) to facilitate your trip.

To learn more:

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