The ‘Long-Look’ is the best look.

A story was related to me this week by my friend Jeff James :  a local Mennonite farmer talked about the art of plowing a straight row.  “You’ve got to have the ‘long-look.'”

The long-look is always the best look in making good decisions.

That’s why I believe so passionately in having a written life plan.  It forces a person to look at the “Long-Look.”

How’s your long-look looking?

One of the things I love about nature is its reminder that things have been around a while.

I spent most of the past week in the woods camping, hiking, canoeing with a wild bunch of country boys.  Even in the midst of a hot Louisiana summer, I love the feeling of the outdoor life.

I shared with the boys a wonderful quote from rural writer Wendell Berry:  “The Bible was written to be read outdoors.”

Try it.  You’ll find it true.

I’ll never forget the day my wife DeDe gave her lifelong Bible to this Liberian man. He said, “I’d love to have a copy of the Bible.” She gave him her precious copy. It humbled and stunned me.








A week in the life

Muddin’ is a pastime where I come from.

This is earlier this week at Foreman’s in Dry Creek.  Can anyone identify the owner?

I still laugh about an intro at a past East Beauregard High Homecoming,   “Missy loves talking on the phone, riding her four-wheeler, and muddin’ in her truck.”

I love piney woods history, culture, and people.  It’s where I come from.







Mudding or “muddin”

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