6 hours to D-Day

Oh, Book Clubs, where art thou?*   

Our Kickstarter Campaign is winding down. (It ends at midnight).

I’m surprised several book clubs or church senior adults groups haven’t jumped on our great offer:  You can get 25 autographed copies of ‘As the Crow Flies’ (or the short story collection, ‘Deep Roots’) for $500.  Learn more at http://kck.st/2plqOOY

This includes a personal visit to your group by Curt, where we’ll have fun telling stories and dissecting where ideas, plots, and stories come from.

If you’re a book club, I’ll even do a weekly Skype session leading up to the personal visit.

To sweeten the deal, we’ll throw in a complete set of all 13 of our books.

This offer ends at midnight and is limited to only the first four groups to sign up at


* Grammar: Is it “Oh Book Clubs, where art thee” or “Oh Book Club, where art thou” or does it really matter?

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