A Small Beginning

This is a sliver of brick from the site of a future church in Tambura

It’s only a small piece. I picked it up from a pile of bricks under a large tree.
Nearby is where a church will be built in the future.

We stood there with our friend Isaac. This is land that has belonged to his family for generations. He said, “This is my Jerusalem. This is where a church will be.”

We prayed on that spot for the future church that will preach and teach God’s Word.
I have no idea what type of church it will be.
Open air under the big tree.
A thatched-roof mud-daubed shelter.
Or a brick building with an iron roof.

You can pray for the future church in Tambura, South Sudan.
God may lead some of you to come be part of it (or another African church like it.)

It’s just a small piece of brick I brought home with me.
But it’s a reminder that the great God we serve often takes small simple things
And uses them for great deeds.

Like a rough crooked shepherd’s staff.
Or a small smooth stone in a young man’s slingshot.
Even a boy with two fish and a little bread.

Little is much when God is in it.


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