A Spent Bullet: Back Cover Copy

This is the current back cover copy for A Spent Bullet, due for Summer 2011 release.  I’d appreciate your input.  I need to cut some lines and tighten it. Also, I’m open to ideas on the arrangement of the text.

Finally, what parts would you put in bold?

Back Cover Copy


It’s late summer 1941 in Louisiana. Over a half million soldiers have “invaded”/blanketed the western Louisiana woods for the largest Army Maneuvers in U.S. Life will never be the same for them and the isolated country folks who interact with them. Although no one knows it, America will be at war in three months.

It all begins with a bullet.  An empty cartridge tossed from a truckload of soldiers.  The note inside it will change the lives and destinies of two young people.

Elizabeth Reed is a young Louisiana schoolteacher who dislikes soldiers.

Harry Miller is a Wisconsin soldier who hates Louisiana.

It only makes sense that they should meet and fall in love.

That September there were battles to be fought. Two armies, Red and Blue, clashed in a series of planned maneuvers testing men, materials, and equipment.   Harry and Elizabeth are each fighting a personal battle. Both have a dark secret and must learn that “sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.”

There were countless encounters between the soldiers and rural Louisianans. This clash of cultures between soldiers and civilians is the core/message  of A Spent Bullet. Piney Woods Louisiana is never the same, and neither are the soldiers who learn about Louisiana mud, mosquitoes, and misery as well as memorable Southern hospitality.

More than a love story, A Spent Bullet recreates a memorable but forgotten time in Louisiana and our nation’s history. Told in the funny and touching style loved by readers of his previous seven books, Curt Iles weaves a story of love, history, redemption that will be enjoyed by all ages.

Current mockup cover of A Spent Bullet. What does this cover say to you?

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