“Act Of Faith” Ch 31 from ‘Trampled Grass’


Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

–Hebrews 11:1 NLT

“Water is invisible when it’s underground.

God put it down there and it’s our job to find it.”

–Silva, Ugandan Hydrologist


 Note boys in tree watching drilling

Drilling a borehole is an true act of faith.

Boreholes. That’s what they call water wells in Africa.

You’re looking for something you can’t see.

You believe it’s down there.

The geologist says it’s so.

But you can’t see it.


It’s an act of faith to sink nine-meter length pipes and thousands of dollars into the red soil and rock underneath it.


A successful borehole

We were able to do this due to the generosity of our partners, Baptist Global Resource. BGR provided the funds and direction for us to drill wells in the Camps.


Why we drill: Ulua Refugee Camp preaching point in the shadow of a new borehole

I wish you could’ve have been there.

There’s nothing quite like being among hundreds of refugees thrilled at

having clean accessible water. Many have been carrying 20 liter jerry cans

for long distances.

That’s over forty pounds of water, normally carried on the head.

There’s nothing like watching a well come in. Water spews everywhere.

There is joy in the camp. We’ve been part of seven successful wells.

Then there’s the disappointment of a dry hole. We know that feeling too.

Acts of faith sometimes require perseverance.

Not giving up.

Not giving in.

Believing and keeping on in spite of not yet seeing the result.

That’s faith.

That’s hope.

May we never lose either.


One of my favorite stories to share is 92 Dry Holesfrom Deep Roots.

It’s the story of Texas oilman Amon Carter.



                                                                 Borehole drilling at Ulua 2 Camp.

                                                                          Note tool  pushers in tree.

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