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Uncle Sam: A Horse’s Tale

Dec. 10 A Story for You: “No Room at the Inn”

Copies of Uncle Sam and Christmas Jelly

A word from Curt:  Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for being part of the Creekbank Family. I believe you’ll enjoy one of my favorite stories, “No Room at the Inn.”   From Christmas Jelly: No Room at the Inn They say revenge ...

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You’ve got a problem; we’ve got a problem. I have a solution

Click here to order. Scroll down to learn more. Uncle Sam and Christmas Jelly are reader favorites and make great stocking stuffers. _________________________________________ You have a problem:  hard to buy for Christmas gifts. We have a problem:  Stacks of Christmas Jelly and Uncle Sam. I ...

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See all 13 of our Creekbank Books (plus several special bundle packages).

Wow!  I wrote my first book, Stories from the Creekbank, in 2000. Not only is it still in print, but it’s a steady seller. I’m so grateful for friends and readers like you who’ve kept my thirteen books “evergreen.” Evergreen is the book-selling term for ...

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Last Day to get Collector’s Edition of A Spent Bullet

When we ordered copies of  A Spent Bullet in 2010, we selected several hundred hardback copies. This would allow options for libraries and discerning readers who wanted a more durable copy. I was deeply pleased with the format and look of the hardcover copies, until ...

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How it all began: Chapter 1 of A Spent Bullet

We’ve had fun in February sharing stories from our novel, A Spent Bullet.   As America observes the 75th anniversary of what we know as World War II, it is important to remember the men and women who rose to the great challenge. I also ...

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Two Lessons I’m Learning: LLL and Outdoor Living

There are two life lessons I’m presently learning. First, is the power of the outdoors and nature. One of my keywords is L.L.L. Life Long Learning. I wish to finish strong in my life and constantly have a learner’s lean.  Eager to listen, learn, and ...

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A love story between a man and his daughter: “Only One Chance.”

Scroll down to learn how you can get a special copy of A Spent Bullet.      In this passage from A Spent Bullet,  Elizabeth Reed’s father has an infected cut on his hand from being tusked by a hog. An Army Field Hospital is ...

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Buried Treasure: a reader favorite from A Spent Bullet

  Through February, we’re sharing stories from our novel, A Spent Bullet. Today’s chapter is probably my favorite. It’s based on a true story and an example of the wonderful Southern rural hospitality that I love so dearly.   Go to our home page to ...

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Don’t Miss Out: We’re making an offer you can’t refuse!

Don’t miss this great book deal on A Spent Bullet and Uncle Sam. Learn more at www.creekbank.net I’ve been doing book inventory for our yearly Creekbank IRS filing.  I realized how many great books we have sitting in anticipation of being read by our readers ...

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