Do you have a Life Plan?

One of the things I’m hungry to learn about is having a written plan to guide my life, decisions, and time.

It’s called a Life Plan.

I call my personal Life Plan “Ten Pins.”

My 10 Pins Life Plan is set up to remind me of what really matters.
My 10 Pins Life Plan is set up to remind me of what really matters.  The head pin (#1) is the priority of my life.  You can’t roll a strike in bowling if you miss the head pin.  Life is no different.













This plan, which I’ve used for over ten years, continues to grow and evolve.

My Life Plan contains the 10 areas of my life that I consider most important.  This Life Plan is an ongoing system of focusing and charting my progress as a man .



The Ten Pins are:

  1. My Commitment to Follow Jesus daily   You cannot roll a strike if you miss the head pin.   The PRIORITY  of my life.
  1. Soul Care: taking care of myself to serve better.
  2. DeDe and Family
  3. My Creative Life
  4. Planning and Vision
  5. Stewardship
  6. My Work
  7. Influence:  How Wide can I influence?
    Wherever we are, it's all about relationships.
    Wherever we are, it’s all about relationships.
  8. Impact:  How Deep can I get in relationships?
  1. Legacy:  How and for what do I wish to be remembered?


My Life Statement:

Be a man God can use and be respected by those who know me best:  my wife DeDe, our sons, and their families.


Life Verse:

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . . and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

For the next month, I’ll be sharing parts of my life plan.  There’s nothing special about me, or this plan, but it has been a great asset in helping me focus on what is important (and what isn’t).

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