Holding the Rope

Longleaf pines east of our home; Dry Creek, Louisiana

A quick note:

I depend on friends and readers for prayer support.

I need it and don’t take it for granted.

Here are three needs for the week:


  1. I am taking part in today’s funeral service for my lifetime friend and mentor, Jimmy Barrett.  Jimmy was a principal, deputy, and a favorite of everyone in the Dry Creek area.  Pray for Pastor Sam Burchard and I as we share.  Pray for Jimmy’s wife, Linda, children James and Mary Jean, and others.

2. Our new book, Trampled Grass is now available. It is a memoir of our time in Africa.  Pray that it will end up in the                 hands and hearts of readers worldwide.



You can order your copy of Trampled Grass at www.creekbank.net  or Amazon.



3.  DeDe and I travel to North Carolina at week’s end.  Our son Terry, wife Sara, and Emma are moving to Boston.  It’s a               long way from Dry Creek to Boston (literally and figuratively).  Terry is enrolling at Harvard for his PhD in Middle                   Eastern Studies/Hebrew.  Pray for them to be strong in the Lord in a new city and environment.

When you pray, you are holding the rope.




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