L.L.L. : Life Long Learner

My goal is to get a tattoo that says “Life Long Learner.”

I want it inked on my heart and brain.  My goal is to learn until the day I die.

I’m learning that the best way to learn is by reading.  Here are books I’ve recently read or am presently feasting on:

Inbound Marketing    Strategies on using the Internet to build followers

Tribes    Seth Godin

Konig’s Fire    Speculative Christian Fiction

Who Stole My Church      Gordon MacDonald     The pain and joy of seeing your church change.

The Art of Aging:  A Doctor’s Prescription.

The Big Thirst     Charles Fishman    The future of water

Nine Marks of Healthy Church    Mark Dever

There are also several blogs I follow closely:

Michael Hyatt   Forward thinking CEO of Thomas Nelson

Seth Godin     Building a team of followers

Mary DeMuth     author blog

Because of technology and books, I can live in my hometown of Dry Creek and still grow and learn.

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