Life Long Learning: Friday’s Notes

A word from Curt:  Privilege.

Privilege defined
We have a choice in life: to view things as a privilege or a burden.
Whether to view something as an opportunity or an obligation.
It is a privilege . . .
A journal reminder: it is a privilege.

It’s all in how I choose to look at it.
In America, we are so privileged.
Lord, help me be thankful for the privileges I have.

This is my job:

1. Stay Curious.
2. Be Amazed.
3. Tell Stories.

Photo of the Week: The famous Mr. Lee

Downtown Alex's Mr. Lee
I write most days at Tamp and Ground Coffee in downtown
Alexandria.  One of my faithful friends has become
Mr. Lee.  He is well known by everyone.  As I’m writing
As the Crow Flies, I’m using Mr. Lee as the template
for how I think Uncle Rube would’ve looked.

Uncle Rube was a well-known ex-slave who played fiddle
at dances in southern Rapides Parish.  He is credited
with saving many lives before and after the Westport
Fight of 1881.  You’ll meet Uncle Rube and many more
characters in 2017’s sequel to A Good Place,  As the Crow

Westport Sign with Participants

Uncle Rube is listed on the Westport Fight
sign located at the intersection of La. 113
and La. 462 in southern Rapides Parish.

Scroll down to learn how you can be part of The Creekbank
Tribe and help shape As the Crow Flies for its 2017 release.

I.   Join The Creekbank Tribe 
Author Kevin Kelly writes about having “1000 True Fans.”
H e defines a true fan as someone who buys and reads
what you write and loves sharing it with others.

The storyletter you are reading goes out to well over
1000 friends and readers.  We’re asking you to be a
Tribe Member by simply:

1. Forwarding this newsletter and our blog.
2. Write an Amazon review of each Creekbank book you’ve read.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and your honest review will help greatly!
3. Pray for us.  If you can only do one thing, pray for us!
4. Help shape As the Crow Flies. November is our month to do the final (hopefully) final rewrite of As the Crow Flies. I desperately need readers who’ll read over the chapters I post and give feedback/criticism.  You can access the protected manuscript here, then use the password: Uncle Rube.  Everyone who gives feedback to these chapters will be mentioned in the acknowledgment section of As the Crow Flies.  I might even name a character after someone!  Join the fun and help us write a better book.

II.  Do you have a life verse?

A life verse is a scripture that defines your life. I’d encourage you to have one, memorize it, and write it down. Carry it in your heart as it guides your life.  For most of my adult life, Matthew 6:33 has been my life verse:

Seek first God's Kingdom. Matthew 6:33

* Big Yeses (or Yesses) are the things we will always
say Yes to. Irrevocable Nos are predetermined things
we will not do. 

 III.  What I’m reading

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod:  How to
start your day as a winner.

The General vs. The President details the clash between
President Truman and General Douglass MacArthur
during the Korean War.
The General vs. The President by H.W. Brands



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Recent Creekbank blog posts:

Upcoming Book Events:  
Sat. Oct. 29  Vintage Girl Boutique 9-noon
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Tues. Nov. 1 Teaching “The Miracle Morning”
Ugly Mug Marketing  Alexandria
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How you can pray for us:
1. Pray that I’ll have the grit to finish As a Crow Flies.
Rewrites are tough but necessary.  It’s my November priority.
2. Pray that my Bible study and prayer time will be fresh and focused.
3.  Lift us up during our speaking opportunities in the coming weeks.

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