It’s LLL Day (Life Long Learner)

Like most of you, I’m committed to being a Life Long Learner.

It’s an attitude.

It’s a habit.

It’s the desire of my heart.

It defines my mantra:

Stay curious.

Be Amazed.

Tell Stories.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago;
the second best time is today.”

                                               Lazy Susans and Pines










October is Lazy Susan season in SW Louisiana.
They are only weeds for most of the year, but in the fall
they show off.   The young longleaf pines are on our
homestead land south of Dry Creek.

*An October surprise for youListen to A Father’s Love
as read by Curt.

Where We All Come From

"Tell me who you are, and I'll tell you where you're from."








Stegner’s quote resonates with me. All of us are the
product of where we come from.  Since returning from
our African sojourn, I’ve come to more deeply cherish
the culture, people, and history of Louisiana.

I come from a line of country fiddlers.
I come from a line of country fiddlers with deep roots
in the Louisiana Pineywoods. 3 generations: My great-
grandmother,  Dosia Iles, Aunt Margie Nell, and my
grandfather, Lloyd Iles. My PaPa Lloyd is playing the saw.
Have you ever heard this? It’s hard to describe the sound.

PaPa Iles with Hog Dogs
My PaPa, Lloyd Iles, with his hog dogs.  Dry Creek, LA.

Long Line of Log Trucks
Line of log trucks at Roy O. Martin’s Oakdale Mill.
I come from the Louisiana Pineywoods.

“Better get back to the country,
‘Cause that’s where we all come from.”
-Ozark Mountain Daredevils

I. This week’s word is October.

It’s my favorite month and a time to be outside.

II.  Do you have a life statement?

My current life statement is “I want to be a
man God can use and be respected by those who know
me best: my wife DeDe, our three sons and their families.”

I review that statement often to remind myself of what really
matters in my life.  Because I wish to be a man God can use,
there are certain things I will do in my life, as well as other
things I will not.

Secondly, if those who know me best respect the man
I am, everything (and everyone) else will line up.

I’d encourage you to develop your own life statement
as a compass in your life.

III.  What I’m reading

I’m part of a group of men studying Living Forward
by Michael Hyatt. It’s a life planning book that I’d
recommend for everyone who wishes to grow and be
grounded in their lives.

IV.  A Foundational Scripture:

Create in me a clean heart, O Lord.

I write scriptures in my journal as I study.  David’s prayer
of repentance in Psalm 51 speaks deeply to my heart.
When I sense a wrong spirit/attitude (more often than I
care to admit) I pray Psalm 51:10.  I believe it is a prayer
that God wants to hear and will answer.

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Upcoming Book Events:  
Sat. Oct. 22 Fort Polk Heritage Day
Sat. Oct. 29  Vintage Girl Boutique DeRidder
Thur. Nov. 3  First Baptist Longville Seniors
Sat. Nov. 5  Johnson Library/LeCompte

Sally in the Alley Oct. 29 in DeRidder
I’ll be signing copies of all of our books,
including our latest,  Trampled Grass.
If you’re in the DeRidder area, stop by.
Vintage Girl is owned by my sweet
sister, Claudia Campbell. It’s one
of the neatest businesses you’ll ever visit.

How you can pray for us:
1. Pray that I’ll have a clean heart and renewed spirit in all ways.
2. Pray as I prepare to edit As the Crow Flies during November.
3.  Lift us up during our speaking opportunities in the coming weeks.

We love to hear from you.  Send your comments, prayer needs, even criticisms.


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