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This is the weekly Creekbank LLLer + L.
That’s the Life Long Learner Letter.
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A word from Curt:  Integrity

I keep a list of words I attempt to live by.  I call the list my “6+ Words.”

The definition of integrity I choose to use is:

“Who you are when no one is watching, and what you are willing to stand up for even if you’re standing alone.

It’s not original but the best way I’ve found to measure integrity in my life.

Link to see my current 6+ Words List. 

My goal is living the Wowed Life.  Here is my three-pronged mantra

1. Stay Curious.
2. Be Amazed.
3. Tell Remarkable Stories.

2.  What I’m reading.

'The Civil War' by Shelby Foote

Every few years I re-read The Civil War by Shelby Foote. In my estimate, it’s the gold standard of the history of the war that still shapes our country.  I’m finishing volume I and astounded at how Foote writes narrative history in a way that seems like a novel.

I have a re-read book list. It contains books I return to over the years.  What’s on your re-read list? 

3.   A  quote that’s shaping my life right now:

Come to the woods for here is rest.

-John Muir

Link to the Creekbank Quotes page.

4.   A current favorite photo

Spider web in our woods.

During the Fall, I spend lots of time outdoors.  This is an early morning spider web on our family land in Dry Creek.

5.  Here are links to this week’s blogs at the Creekbank.

The Babe’s Homer

Best Seat in the House

6. Upcoming Speaking/Book Events

Sat. Nov. 5  10 am  Johnson Branch Library, LeCompte, La

Grant Christmas Tree Farm:  Nov. 25/26, Dec. 3, Dec. 10

DeRidder Christmas Parade   Sat. Dec. 3

Nichols in DeQuincy   Sat. Dec. 17

7.  A scripture that is currently special to me:

Be still and know that I am God.
-Psalm 46:10

8.  How you can pray for DeDe and me:

1. Pray for me as I continue with the revision of our upcoming novel,  As the Crow Flies.   Click here to read the first chapters.
2.  DeDe as she teaches her fourth-grade class at Our Lady Elementary.
3.  Our church,  The Gathering Place-Wardville. We are presently without a pastor.
4. I’m praying about a trip to Africa in 2017. Please join me in seeking God’s timing and leadership.

9.  Book Focus

'Deep Roots' by Curt Iles

Deep Roots is our definitive short story collection.  It contains reader favorites plus contemporary stories. Learn more here.

If you’ve read Deep Roots, please write a short Amazon review here. 

Readers are enjoying our new book, Trampled Grass.  You can easily order your copy here.  We’ll send your autographed book with an invoice.

View all 12 of our book covers.

10. Hotlinks

Recent KALB TV Interview
Baptist Press on Trampled Grass 
Trampled Grass review/Beauregard Daily News
Wayfaring Stranger: “This should be a movie.”

The Creekbank YouTube Channel

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