Momma, momma, what a rat!

I’ve been thinking lately about one of my heroes, Jerry Clower.  His stories and sayings are burned into my Southern brain.  He was a great comedian and even better person.

A few years ago I visited East Fork Cemetery to pay my respects at Jerry’s grave. I expected to find a large tombstone befitting the famous man who became rich,  was a member of the Grand Ol Opry, and a Southern icon.

I had a difficult time finding his grave.  It was the same size/type of the other markers.  I realized that there lay the body of a man who never forget where he came from.

The military foot marker at Jerry Clower's grave. East Fork Cemetery, Mississippi

In our neck of the woods, the ultimate insult to any successful person who ventures out is “he’s forgot where he came from.”

It couldn’t be said of Jerry and his wife Homerline.  They moved back on family land at Rt. 4 Liberty, Mississippi.

May it not be said of any of us. May we remember where we came from and Who got us to where we are.

Click here for a link to Jerry Clower telling his “Rat Killin’ ” story.  “Momma, momma, what a rat!”

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