Mon. Oct. 18 Proverbs 18:9

My family lives in Louisiana's "No Man's Land." This historic area between the Calcasieu and Sabine Rivers was once known as the "Outlaw Strip" and "The Neutral Territory." To me, it's home

On the Road

Why I write:  I pass a soldier in the DFW Airport. His nametag reads Cross and his patch shows a cross. He’s a Christian Chaplain named Cross.

I hand him a copy of “Wayfaring.”

He’s on his way back to Afghanistan and promises to share it with his “men.”

I know he will.

I imagine I’ll hear from him again.

Even if I don’t, I’m on my way to the Middle East, tucked into a book.

It’s why I write.

Writing for a reason,

Curt Iles

“Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys.”   -Wisdom in Proverbs 18:9

It’s important that we always do our best, especially since we represent Jesus.

“History is not only filled with special events, it is also filled with special people.” -Sherry Taylor Perkins.

Sherry is an excellent local writer. She works in the Beauregard Parish School System and has talent, commitment, and creative passion.  She’s a Dry Creek native whom I am extremely proud of. She has an excellent article this month in Thrive magazine.

“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”  -Benjamin Disraeli Former British Prime Minister

Most people come to Christ to meet a need, but they stay with Christ because he is the truth. -Ajith Fernando

I borrowed the Fernando quote from one of my favorite tweeters, Mary DeMuth.  Check her out.

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