Pamoja!: All together lift

Pamoja:  it’s our Swahili word for the week.  It means “Working together.”

Pamoja.  It’s a good word to share with you.  As a friend, reader, and prayer supporter, you are working together as we follow God’s leadership in serving in east Africa. Keep praying!

Praying for us this week:

  • We’re in Entebbe, Uganda this week.  Training with Bob and Nancy Calvert, our friends and co-workers.  Nancy speaks at a women’s retreat this Friday (March 8) and Bob will be preaching on missions the next several Sundays at Entebbe Baptist Church
  • DeDe and I will be looking at houses to rent when we come back in May. Pray for God’s guidance as we seek to find the right house in the best neighborhood to minister in and from.
  • Pray for the Echelon Team serving in northern Uganda near the South Sudanese border.   Our friends Selvin (see story below) and Laurel, Aaron and Hannah, and Cameron and Kelly are part of this ministry.
  • We will be visiting and learning about a Unreached People Group this week.  TheGoPeople (what we’ll call them) are from the Nile River area, completely Muslim, and not currently being reached with the Gospel.  Join us in prayer for TheGoPeople.
Bob and Nancy Calvert at the Entebbe Market.
Bob and Nancy Calvert at the Entebbe Market.


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Curt   aka “Baba Clay”  and “Bwana Nne.”

Three generations of the Jeremiadios Family,  Selvin, his daughter Abby, and Selvin's father. Richmond, VA Nov. 2012
Three generations of the Jeremiadoss Family, Selvin, his daughter Abby, and Selvin’s father. Richmond, VA Nov. 2012

  One Single Bible


Only Heaven will reveal the lives that have been changed by the lives that have been changed by the lives that have been changed by the Word of God.”


The year was about 1820.

I’m sure the British missionaries left Tamil-land feeling like failures.

The southern India Tamil people group had little interest in the Gospel.

No takers.  No new converts.  No believers.

Evidently the only thing they left behind was a single Bible.

I’m not sure if it was in Tamil, English, or Hindi.


One young man took that one Bible.

And the rest is history.


The Indian Subcontinent with Tamil Land.
The Indian Subcontinent with Tamil Land.

My friend Selvin Jeremiadoss can tell the story much better than I can.

If I can find him in the wilds of northern Uganda, I’ll let him update it.


You see, Selvin is the 7th generation Christian of that young Tamil Indian who took that single Bible, read it, and became a follower/disciple of Yesu/Jesus.

I have a sneaking suspicion Selvin and Laurel would love to hear from some Southern folks reading this: Laurel Jeremiadoss Selvin and Laurel Jeremiadoss


That young man, of nearly two hundred years ago, preached and led many to belief in Jesus.  Today, there is a strong Christian presence in Tamil-land India.  It’s an outgrowth of those British pioneers and the seeds (or in this case “seed”) they sowed.


One single Bible.

I firmly believe those long-dead/still alive British missionaries are greeting a long line of Indian believers who are stepping into Heaven because of the Word they left.


That seventh generation Indian believer, Selvin Jermemiados, his wife Lauren, and their precious daughter Abbie are serving in northern Uganda among the Karamjong people.  They represent our International Mission Board in a pioneer area.


I’d like to see those British missionaries when a Karamajong warrior, or Dinka herdsman, or Nuer nomad steps in front of them in Heaven and says,  “Thank you, Bwana.  That Bible you left in India led to my learning about Jesus and being here forever.”


Nothing done for Jesus is wasted.  We may not see, or realize, the end result.  We are simply called to be faithful.

That’s why Pamoja  “together” is our word for the week.  Together, with unity, we can get the job done.



Selvin Jeremiadoss, the world's greatest Georgia Bulldog fan exults in his team's win over Florida. I accused Selvin of having Red Georgia underwear as well as Bulldog toilet paper!
Selvin Jeremiadoss, the world’s greatest Georgia Bulldog fan exults in his team’s win over Florida. I accused Selvin of having Red Georgia underwear as well as Bulldog toilet paper!

Why we are on TheJourney in Africa:

DeDe and I are simply walking along the path we’ve followed since giving our lives and hearts to Jesus.  Because He is our Lord (Boss) and Savior, we seek to be where He wants us to be.   For this stage of our journey,  Africa is the place.

Our job is to serve on our Mission’s Embrace Team.


My word for this week is Gratitude.  I wish to live the gratitude-filled life.  To be thankful for each and every blessing, challenge, and opportunity.

My current favorite Swahili term/word:  Pamoja.   Together!  It’s a good word.

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Where we are now:

  • MyLife Statement: “To be a man God can use and be respected by my wife DeDe, our sons, and their precious families.”



What I’m currently reading:

The Insanity of God  by Nik Ripkin

My current Heartsong “How Firm a Foundation.”  It’s a song that gives me great strength in the trials, struggles, and joys of life.

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