Press Release: Sat. Feb. 25 Book event at Hastings Alexandria

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A word from Curt:


This is a press release for Saturday’s event. 

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Headline:   Louisiana author holding Saturday book event  at Hastings Alexandria

Louisiana author Curt Iles will hold a book event and signing this Saturday, Feb. 25 at Hastings Books in Alexandria from 2:00-5:00 PM.

Iles is the author of ten Louisiana-based books including his latest novel,  A Spent Bullet.   Set in 1941, this book weaves a tale of friendship and love during the Louisiana Army Maneuvers.

Additionally Iles and illustrator Jade Ross will be reading from their children’s book, Uncle Sam: A Horse’s Tale.  It is the story of cavalry horses that escape into Kisatchie National Forest during 1941 and become the basis of the Fort Polk Wild Horse Herd.

"Children are loving it . . . nearly as much as the adults who read it to them."



Children are invited to readings from Uncle Sam at 2:00 and 4:00.   Iles will read from his novel at both 3:00 and 5:00.   During the 5:00 reading, World War II veterans will be recognized.

To learn more, visit

Hastings is located at 460 MacArthur Drive in Alexandria and can be reached at (318) 449-4646

See the note with Harry's address. Blue Army (3rd Army) soldiers received their mail at a Ragley address. The photos representing Elizabeth and Harry are my mother, Mary Plott Iles and Sgt. Leroy Johnson representing Harry Miller.

Thank you!


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