Putting my friends, Noah and Maggie, to bed . . . for now

We are putting Where We All Belong for a rest.


Because of your encouragement and investment, I wanted you to hear this from me:

After nearly two years of researching, writing, and editing, I am putting aside my historical fiction novel,  Where We All Belong, for now. 

I’ve carefully put Maggie, Noah, Pieter, and Emma to bed, tucked them in, and kissed them on the forehead as I turned out the light gently closed the door.

Why am I making this change?

I feel led to return to where I started: writing/sharing short stories that connect with readers’ hearts.

Here’s why I’m making this sea-change decision:

For the past three months, I’ve been overwhelmed (with joy) by readers’ reactions to my short stories.

Whether they visit our Website, Blog, MailChimp E-letter, Facebook, Beauregard Electric Column, YouTube, or Podcast, my readers clearly say, ”We love your short stories from the heart, and we want more.”

I’m gratefully humble for the confirmation God has given me that this is the direction I should go.

I have complete peace about this.

What about a novel called Where We All Belong? How do you put down a 130,000-word manuscript into which you’ve poured two years of toil?


You close it carefully and with love and respect.

Have two years of writing Where We All Belong been a waste?

Of course not. I’ve learned much about World War II POWs in Louisiana, the home front in wartime Louisiana, rice farming, and a wonderful German community named Mowata.

Most of all, I’ve learned so much more about myself.  I’m a better writer and person for picking up the pen to write the novel Where We All Belong.  

I’m grateful for your part in moving this book along. Hopefully, we’ll see it again, just not now.

I’m writing, gathering, editing, and dreaming as I sort through new short stories.  At the moment, I have nearly 100 strong candidates for our following short story collection.

They won’t all make it, but I feel very good about what we have.

I’m currently calling this new book, “Pineywoods Stories.”  I’ll ask you for title suggestions and input as we move along.

Above all, pray that my writing will glorify God and be used to impact, influence, and encourage others.

Writing for a reason,






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