A Quick Word: Final round of voting on ‘Crow’ cover!

Scroll down:  We need your help to publish As the Crow Flies.

Scroll down to learn how you can support our Kickstarter campaign that begins Monday.


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One of the best parts of being part of the Creekbank Tribe is having fun being a partner in putting together a new book.

You’ve helped us with character names, plot twists, rural sayings, front and back covers, and (recently) designing the exterior of an 1881 General Store.

Today we need your final vote on the As the Crow Flies image that will be the logo for our Kickstarter campaign.



Note: there is no image B. It was scratched due to a pulled hamstring.



Image C   Crow for Kickstarter icon





Sad news: Image E disappeared into the Louisiana No Man’s Land and was never heard of again.



F_Image_Crow_Kickstarter Icon

That’s it.  Vote here with your top choice. We’ll tally them up and use the winner on our Kickstarter homepage.

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You can also email us with your choice.

What is Kickstarter?

It’s simply a crowdfunding source where you help us publish our new book.

My wife DeDe and I made a commitment after our African sojourn to stay out of debt both personally and with Creekbank Stories.  Many of you are anxiously awaiting As the Crow Flies, the sequel to The Wayfaring Stranger and A Good Place. Our Kickstarter goal of $4000 will cover the editing/design/printing costs of the book, scheduled for a September release.

This campaign only lasts from May 1 to May 25.  So we’re inviting you to be a partner, and share with others about this opportunity. It’s going to be fun and feature remarkable prices on book pre-orders as well as some unique rewards.


Here are screen shots from our Preview Kickstarter Page. (It goes live at midnight on Sunday).


This is a draft of level 1 of the As the Crow Flies Kickstarter campaign.

(Pledge Buttons will become live on Monday, May 1.) 



This is a screen capture shot of level 2 on our Kickstarter page. Look at the great deal: a paperback copy with ebook download and no shipping all for $10.  That’s hard to beat!



Wait until you see some of the fun pledge levels we’ve created!

I want to thank you in advance for choosing to be part of this process.  Your involvement and pledge will make this your book!


Curt Iles

Visit the Kickstarter Home Page or Kickstarter’s FAQ page.

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