Saturday Snips: Is a picture really worth 10,000 words?



Today’s Saturday Snips is different

You’ve heard the cliche: one picture is worth a thousand words.

If so, you’re looking at 100,000 words below.  I’ve selected ten photos from our week among refugees in northern Uganda and South Sudan.  We’ll let them speak for themselves.

I believe every face and scene will eloquently show you the needs, tears, and human drama of a country on the move away from war: the innocent refugees of South Sudan.





Rhino Camp, a refugee camp in Northern Uganda





Rhino Camp, a refugee camp in Northern Uganda





Rhino Camp, a refugee camp in Northern Uganda


A displaced woman and her child at Faith Baptist Church in Nimule, South Sudan,
















These images are the artwork of a professional photographer who traveled with us. She requests anonymity and we will honour her request while praising God for her skill and insight.




We are members of the Chadan Engagement Team. Our mission is equipping the people of God (in America, Africa, and beyond) to reach the least reached in South Sudan and southern Chad.

If you’d like to receive more updates on how to pray for South Sudan and its unreached, please complete the form below.


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