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Two Enduring Lessons.

Pa and Doten

One taught me how to live . . . The other taught me how to die.   They’ve both been gone for nearly half a century. I was seven and ten, respectively when my paternal great grandparents died. We called them Pa and Doten, and ...

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“Long May It Run” Ch 16 from Trampled Grass

            A word from Curt Footing. It’s one of my favorite African verbs.  “I’m footing it.” It means you’re walking, usually out of necessity. It’s the mode of travel for most Africans. On foot. The following story shares how generous ...

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‘Lost In Translation’ from Trampled Grass Ch. 13

We are excited about our new ebook, Trampled Grass.  Scroll down to learn how you can have a copy. A word from Curt Translation. Of all my African regrets, not becoming fluent in any language has been the largest. It has humbled me like nothing ...

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A word from Curt Independence. Such a sweet word. We Americans cherish it.  Still celebrate it as a fire-cracking holiday each July. The Independence story in South Sudan is bittersweet. The following story shares why.   We spend about half of our time on The ...

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Where is “Up Country?”

  A word from Curt UpCountry We spend about half of our time Up Country. Our Journey takes us into northern Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya. We are currently on a trip with our home church (Dry Creek Baptist LA) to their people group, the ...

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Travel: A Prayer for Packing

    A word from Curt On the Road.  It’s the way we spent much of our time. We’re often carrying money in three (sometimes four) currencies. I’m not complaining. It’s a privilege to travel, share the Gospel with new friends, and learn from Africa. ...

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Homesick Day

    The sun sets on another Saturday Over Lake Victoria and Entebbe. It’s amazing how quickly the equatorial darkness falls. Dusk one moment. Nightfall the next. Smoke from charcoal fires linger in the late rainy season air. Laughing Ugandan children pass by Outside our ...

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Why do we exist? Thoughts on Life Statements

“To bring glory to God…” “We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples who treasure Christ &carry His name to the ends of the earth.” This is our church (Dry Creek Baptist) Life Statement. A life statement is simply a declaration of what ...

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