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3 Days and 10 hours to go: Here’s how you can help as well as get a great deal!

A word from Curt. Team. Tribe. Unit. They’ve always been some of my favorite words. They signify working together.  The sum being greater than the parts.  A united group coming together to do something the doubters said couldn’t be done. Well, together, we’ve done it! We have ...

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A Thankful Video and 6 images that tell a story

I’m so thankful for readers and friends who allow me to write and publish independently.  Although I’ve yet to receive a “traditional contract” from a large publishing house, I’ve been privileged to write twelve books that have sold thousands of copies and touched so many ...

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Your chance to help publish a book! Together, we can do it!

Together, we can do it! Friends, You are invited to become part of the Creekbank Tribe that helps publish As the Crow Flies. Learn more at the Creekbank Kickstarter page.  I want to thank you in advance for believing in our stories and their worthiness ...

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Your Chance to Help Select the Cover of As the Crow Flies

From the very start our upcoming novel, As The Crow Flies, has been a team project.  So many of you have given timely information and feedback. Thank you. For context, visit our As the Crow Flies Page to read synopsis, back cover copy, and sample ...

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