The Six Words Shaping my Life

6 Words that keep my feet on the ground . . .

and my grip tight.


MY CURRENT words are

 1.   My Jesus-Walk

2.   Living Gratefully

3.   Learning Passionately

4.   Connecting!

5/6.  Impact and Influence. 


I’ve developed the habit of using 6 words to help focus my life. Africa is no different than America.  There are so many things that can divert our attention.


Simply living day to day takes a ton of time and energy.  Oftentimes at the end of a day, it’s easy to look back and say, “What did I really accomplish today?”


That’s where my 6 Words come in.  My words have varied over time. 


  • Paul’s letter to the Colossians was a big part of my teenage born again experience with Jesus. In his letter, Paul simply repeatedly hammers away at this theme:  When you have Jesus, you have everything you need.


I have a long list of words used in my 6 Words.


MY CURRENT words are

 1.   My Jesus-Walk

2.   Living Gratefully

3.   Learning Passionately

4.   Connecting!

5/6.  Impact and Influence. 


Why do I wish to walk with Jesus? Because He's got the whole world in his hands.
Why do I wish to walk with Jesus? Because He’s got the whole world in his hands.



My Jesus-Walk


I know. I know. I’m cheating.  That’s two words. But they are the two combined words that I wish to shape my walk.


My daily walk with my Jesus.


I’m feasting on Paul’s Letter to the Colossians*  Verse 6 of chapter 2 states,  “As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.


How does anyone receive Jesus?

It’s always by faith.

By belief in Someone you cannot touch.

In faith like a little child.


Notice Paul refers to Jesus by his full name.

Christ Jesus the Lord.

Christ: the anointed one who came.

Jesus: One who saves.

Lord:  More than a Gentle Savior, He expects to be Lord.  Master. Boss.


It’s a name not to be taken lightly.

I’ve always been bothered by people who “sling his name around.”

Using the name of Jesus as a slang expression.

As in reaction to surprise or frustration.

“Jeeesssuss Chrrrisst”

Amazingly, Christians (who would never combine God’s name with the word damn) throughout the day use the name of God’s Son, Jesus “in vain.”


My first word: My Jesus Walk.

Notice that it’s not a run with Jesus.

It’s not a sprint.

It’s a steady consistent walk

That takes place day by day.

Step by step.


For the past ten days I’ve been with Robert.

He hiked the Appalachian Trail as a thru-hiker.

That’s over 2000 miles. In Robert’s case from Maine southward to Georgia.

Four months of following white marks on trees and rocks.

He stood at the first white marker high atop Maine’s Mt. Katadhin.

After over 160 days of walking, he stepped on a slab of rock in Georgia with the final marker.

I’m not sure how many white marks lie between Maine and Georgia.  I’ve read that it takes 5 million steps to make the journey.

And the journey is made by walking.

Step by step

Mile by mile.

Day after Day.


That’s a picture of the Jesus-Walk.


It’s not how high you jump at church

Or youth camp.

Or the promises one makes with his back against the wall.


It’s that steady consistent growing walk.

A daily Jesus-walk.

African feet.  They understand so much about walking.
African feet. They understand so much about walking.



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