The Week in Photos

DeDe and I are in our final three weeks of training for going to Africa. This week features intensive security training. Pray for all of our missions family this week.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words

Our 8th grandchild made her appearance this week. Maggie Savannah Iles was born to Clay and Robin. We are so thankful for our grandchildren: Noah, Jack, Jude, Sydney, Gabby, Luke, Emma, and Maggie.


Humor is so important wherever we are.

A gift from my fine friend Frank Bogard

I’m excited about getting a 4WD vehicle in Africa.  This is a typical Ugandan road during rainy season.

Photo courtesy of my friend Aaron Mason, a real African/Texan cowboy.

I hope I don’t get one of these:

Can you name it? It’s been a long time since I saw this Ford model.
Zebras and Rainbows Photo by Aaron Mason
Louisiana was chosen for the WWII Maneuvers due to our challenging roads. I remember us getting stuck on our road about 1960 and Daddy getting a wheelbarrow from the house and pushing Colleen and I home in the dead of night.


My favorite short story in “Christmas Jelly” is ‘My Grandpas’ Boots.’


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