The Week that Was

DeDe and grandkids at birthday supper
DeDe and grandkids at birthday supper


Friends gave me a copy of Bethel Baptist Church minutes from 1900.

This resolution touched me.  It’s a reminder that all of us should take

time for self-examination, repentance, and renewal.




DeDe celebrated her birthday this week.  This is our Life Group who surprised her.







Log Trucks
An endless line of log trucks at Roy O Martin’s Oakdale Mill.  I come from the land of the pines.  The next day I traveled through miles of pine stands in LaSalle and Grant Parish.  We are truly the land of the pines.



Old House LIzard
Old House Lizard     Over fifty years ago, my great grandmother, Docia Iles, pointed out a lizard on this same porch.  “Baby, don’t ever hurt a lizard. They live here just like we do.  I still think of Doten where I see a lizard.


Lizard on Old House kitchen wall.
            Lizard on Old House kitchen wall.

Elizabeth Mill Strike

This past week I met with folks who filled in stories about the

Ten Mile/Cherry Winche/Redbone region of Louisiana.

I was fascinated by articles like these on the infamous Elizabeth Paper Mill Strike of 1950-53.



Butterfly                                                                                        A Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

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