Thoughts for a New Year

As I walk the journey, I want to grow and have impact and influence.

A word from Curt

I’ve never liked the R word.


I prefer to talk and think about the bigger issue of how I want to be a difference maker in this new year. I call it the 30,000 foot view.

Personally, I craft a yearly Life Statement. It’s simply a short statement of my priority for this season of my journey. I tweak it yearly and post it in various places where I’ll see it.

Here is my 2019 Life Statement:

I want to be a man God can use, encourage others, and be respected by those who know and love me best.

There it is.

Let me briefly mention each of the three parts of my Life Statement.

If I’m going to be a man God can use (and that is my deepest desire) there are certain things I must do as well as some things I must avoid. I must seek to walk closely with God and have a list of irrevokable no’s in my life. (My biggest no is unfaithfulness to my wife. I’ve made a conscious decision that that is not an option.)

Secondly, I’m called to be an encourager. It’s who I wish to be and my writing (like this story letter) is one of the key ways I can encourage. I also wish to encourage those around me in my daily life.

Thirdly, I wish to be respected. That’s a big word and I’m specific on who I most want respect from: those closest to me. It begins with my wife DeDe, our sons and their wives and our grandchildren. If those fifteen people respect me for the man I am, everything else will fall in place.

I realize that they know me best and definitely know my imperfections and shortcomings. Nevertheless, my daily goal is to conduct myself in a way that earns their respect.

Whew. My Life Statement sets a high bar, but it drives me to keep growing and learning.

I encourage you to develop your own unique Life Statement. Mine is cobbled together from others, so feel free to borrow as needed.

Yours for a growing 2019,

Curt Iles

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