Thoughts on "God’s Timing"

click here to listen to the poem, God’s Timing is Always Right

God is very seldom early

But He’s always right on time.

When the need must be met by midnight,

He’ll supply at 11:59

Just as Moses stood in the water

At the edge of the Red Sea,

God waits until the very end

To supply our every need.

If you wonder why He has this habit

Of waiting till the end,

He does it to remind us

He’s the one on whom we must depend.

For if we worked it out early

And provided in our own strength,

We’d think we all did it

And not realize it was from Him.

All God really wants from us

Is to trust Him everyday

And to always say, “Thank you”

As He directs us along life’s pathway.

Yes, God is very seldom early,

But I’ve never seen Him late.

In faith we can completely trust Him

To meet our needs in His own time . . .  and His own way.

I wrote this poem during a particularly discouraging time in August 1998.  We had dug the footings on the new snack shack/gift shop.  As we got ready to pour the slab, the costs on the concrete and electrical preparation had skyrocketed.   We didn’t have the money we needed to start this project.  Volunteers were scheduled to come in September and I really didn’t know how we’d be ready.

Then just before the day to pour the concrete, a huge rain washed in all of our footings.  So on a scorching August day we began to re-dig, by hand, all of the ditches and chain walls.  It was very discouraging to be redoing a bad job.

This poem, inspired by one of my special friends, Mrs. Rhedia Skiles, came to me as I dug in the red clay.  Now a year later as I look at the beautiful building that was completed on time with all the money available each step of the way, I can only bow my head and say how great God is.

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