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The Journey

Curt and DeDe Iles serving on East African Engaged Team








Curt and DeDe Iles will begin serving in Uganda in 2013.  They’ll be working as Master’s/International Service Corps workers with the International Mission Board.


After two months of training in Virginia, they’ll make a short Christmas trip home, and then begin their two-year term in Africa.

I’ll never forget the day my wife DeDe gave her lifelong Bible to this Liberian man. He said, “I’d love to have a copy of the Bible.” She gave him her precious copy. It humbled and stunned me.


The purpose of the Engaged Team is to seek out Unreached Unengaged People Groups* in the region.  This includes Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Eastern Democratic Congo, and Rwanda/Burundi.

U.U.P.G.s* are people groups with no current Gospel work and very limited exposure to the Good News of Jesus.

The Iles’ will be learning about these groups, visiting their areas, establishing relationships, and sharing information back to the Christian community in both Africa and America.

As they write and use social media to tell stories and needs, their prayer is that Native African churches and American congregations will prayerfully partner to reach a group, tribe, or village.

Additionally, DeDe will use her teaching experience to work with both Missionary Kids and Seminary students.



You’ll be able to follow their journey and stories at as well as Facebook: Curt Iles and Creekbank Stories.

Their work is totally supported by the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

They do solicit your prayers and partnership.








You can learn more about Unreached Peoples at as well as


Curt and DeDe Iles


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