Thur. Nov. 11: Are you from Brooklyn?

I walk into the Lake Charles Books a Million and speak to a young man leaving the store. He stops me.

“Sir, are you from Brooklyn?”

I nearly laugh. My accent clearly tells you I’m not from Brooklyn.

“No, I’m at home right here.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. You look like Father Musclevy.”

It made my day and tied in to what I’d just heard on Public Radio. (I’m eclectic. I listen to a mixture of  talk radio and NPR with NBC Nightly News mixed in. I’ve got all of the bases covered.)

The NPR report told of there being no Wal-Mart stores in New York City.

I found it hard to believe. Even DeRidder and Oakdale have Super-WalMarts.

What do those NYC people do when I really need something?

It made me wonder what Father Musclevy does at midnight in Brooklyn when he needs something?

Nothing against Brooklyn or any of the Five Boroughs*, but I’m glad to be living down South in the Land of Walmart.

Can you name the five boroughs of NYC?

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